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If you are a bit lost on how to use the administrator you definitely came to the right place. Take a look around this page, press on the buttons that you want explained and the content section will be filled in with the appropriate data. If you are still unsure of how to perform a certain task, no worries, most of the pages come with some sort of video tutorial. You can find them on the videos page or within the content explanation itself. If you need any further explanation - let us know. We will gladly clarify any uncertainties.
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Send an Email to Client
Use this section to send an email to one of your existing clients. You will first have to chose a specific client, followed by a template. There are few predefined templates available already. Next you can pick the email style. There are few styles available for you to chose from. You can define a default style using Default Email & Reminders section. Finally, you can modify the templates and save them as your own. Click Preview button to see how the email will look like, or click Send if you are already familiar with the layout and want to send it out right away.
Default Email & Reminders
Use this section for two things: setting default email style and setting client reminders. Use the wizard to make selections. First select whether or not you want the reminders turned on or off. If the reminders are turned on, select the time-frame specifying when you would like the email sent out to your clients. Finally use Template, Theme and Color selections to build your default template.
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Can I link my domain name to a template?

If you already have a domain name hosted elsewhere and would want to link it to your profile, that can be easily accomplished by forwarding your domain name to the template's web address.  We cannot provide you any specifics, as the instructions are different from one domain name host to another, but you can log into your domain host service and contact them for instructions on how that is done.

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