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If you are a bit lost on how to use the administrator you definitely came to the right place. Take a look around this page, press on the buttons that you want explained and the content section will be filled in with the appropriate data. If you are still unsure of how to perform a certain task, no worries, most of the pages come with some sort of video tutorial. You can find them on the videos page or within the content explanation itself. If you need any further explanation - let us know. We will gladly clarify any uncertainties.
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Website Pages
Use this section to enable and edit default system pages and to add new pages that are displayed on the website. Once the pages are added and enabled they will show up in your website menu. Once a page is deleted, the action cannot be undone. System default pages such as Home Page or Our Services cannot be deleted. Moreover, Home Page is the only page that cannot be edited through this section.
Website Menu
Use this section to update the layout of the website menu. Drag the elements up and down to specify where the elements are supposed to show on the menu. Drag elements to the right to make them sub-elements of the specific page.
Website Preferences
Use this section to update website preferences. Mainly, you can select the template for your website. If you are an owner of a custom template you will see your template as the last choice. Among others you can select which elements you want to display on the website.
Website Statistics
Use this section to view analytic statistics for your website. Three available graphs will display unique visitors to your website, your website pages popularity and social media rankings for your company.
Website Blog
Use this section to add blog articles for your website's blog.
Website Gallery
Use this section to populate image gallery for your website. Depending on the template selected this section may be responsible for building of a slideshow on your homepage.
Website Videos
Use this section to add YouTube videos to your website's video page. You simply have to paste in the URL of the YouTube video you would like to add and the rest will be populated automatically.
Website Press
Use this section to add press articles to your company.
Website News
Use this section to add and update company news on the website.
Company Testimonials
Use this section to add, edit or enable testimonials that were left for your company by your users.
Frequently Asked Questions
Use this section to add or edit questions and answers that will explain some of the basic premises of your services to the users of your website.
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Alana Puccio
Alana Puccio

If there was anything I could complain about would be the minimal phone support. Sometimes it is just easier for me to explain things over the phone than in an email. Samantha sent me an email telling me the steps to login to the administrator, but I did not know why to go there. I emailed few times asking for her phone number and she responded next day. Once she explained on the phone that the administrator is where I can put my contact information and facebook links it was easy. She showed me where to find the videos that I need that show what to do step by step. My website has been here since July and I already got two new leads that came to my office because they found me on the website. I like that on the phone the map tells you where to find my office. I also like the skins but it would be better if there was more of them. Thank you.

Frequent Questions

Can you build a template for me?

There isn't a simple answer for this, but lets start with the following statement: any template that is built for Find Your Net website can be used by all Find Your Net users as they wish.  So, if you are looking for a unique template, and wish to keep the design to yourself, we cannot help you.  You may want to send such request to our parent website at  However, if you have a design of your own, and you don't mind sharing it, you can send it to us and we can review its compatibility.  If the template is compatible with our framework and is approved by company owner, we can build this template free of charge and link you to it.  Note that this would mean that anybody else who is hosted by Find Your Net will be able to chose this template for their website as well.

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